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Certified coach & Experienced in running a business

Executive Coach
Sybile-Astrid Pomaret

work in English & French

Over the last 4 years, I've worked with more than 10 business owners to help them to grow their profits, decrease costs, better sales as well as implementing new strategies that will allow them to improve their business. One of my client is very happy as I helped him save 1 500 000eur last year only  !

To know me better, let me go back in time

After hitting rock bottom 15 years ago, personal development was the main pillar that helped me build a better version of myself. During this time I also became an assistant teacher in personal development. After helping myself, family, friends and clients, I decided to do a master 2 in coaching to be even more performant. Today I works as an independent coach for executives. I doesn't hesitate to travel to help business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals in need to reach and often over-reach their aims.

A perpetual student myself, I enjoy offering the best possible service to others. Some of the topics I manages on a regular basis are drop off in manager performances, stagnation of companies in their current market, communication issues, managing private & professional life, burn out prevention and last but not least reducing costs.

I have the unique ability to shake up the status quo and get people to change behaviour quickly and achieve unprecedented results throughout customised assistance by using coaching and other cutting-edge techniques such as high involvement and accelerated learning. I absolutely adore adding values to people’s lives and I do so by building a trustful, jovial, positive environment where people are kept on the edge and eager to improve.

Sybile-Astrid's motto is :
Don't over think, start acting
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